Am I Psychic or Do I Just Have “Common Sense”?

A note I wrote on the eve of the election.

Just kidding! Since there is no such thing (or so my husband tells me), I guess I just have what’s known as “common sense” and the “ability to think and reason”.  I’m not going to write directly about any current news stories in this post. There are so many, and so many people writing about them, I’m not sure I have anything unique to say at the moment. But I did want to post something. This is a FB post I wrote on November 7th, right before election day. I thought I’d share it here for a trip down memory lane. Back when there was still a possibility of saving this country. But, I think I was pretty prophetic in my predictions of what a Trump presidency would bring. Like I said though, it was really just common sense and I certainly was not the only one thinking it.

So, one more day till election day. I wrote one last long plea for people to do the right thing. I wrote it more for myself perhaps than for any other reason though. I just want my last thoughts about this election to be out there in the ether, on record for as long as fb or the internet are a thing. So feel free to read or not, but I’ve said my peace (my DH has pointed out that I used the wrong spelling here and that it should be “piece” but I’ve decided to keep it the way it is because I like it better. So, suck it Trebek! Haha, love you babe!).

I’m going to start with why I voted for Hillary, based on her own merits. Since so often people like to say, tell me who you’re voting for and why without talking about the other candidate, I figured I’d start with that. Hillary Clinton isn’t a figure I ever particularly cared for or even really had any opinion about. It’s not that I didn’t like her, I guess I just felt sort of neutral about her. There may have even been some distrust because even the best of us can be lured into believing, however loosely, that she’s somehow crooked. If you only pay attention to sound bites, headlines, or news crawlers and don’t dig any further, it’s easy to fall into that trap. But an interesting thing has happened to me over the course of this nasty election season. Ironically, perhaps, I’ve actually come to like and respect her more as time has gone on. I started paying closer attention, digging just a tiny bit further than those headlines lead us to believe. Sometimes, it literally only takes reading past a headline into the actual article to have a different view of the story. This deeper inquisitiveness itself changed my opinions of her. Then I started to learn a bit more about her history, the positions she’s held and work she’s done and that also further increased my positive view of her. She’s always fought for women and children, minorities, people with disabilities, and hasn’t wavered in those causes. She’s highly educated, has worked as a lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund, and has held several public offices. She’s generally regarded as competent, dedicated, and is viewed in a positive light by many people on both sides of the aisle whom she’s worked with (of course there are exceptions). She’s highly qualified for this position based on quantifiable criteria. Continue reading “Am I Psychic or Do I Just Have “Common Sense”?”

Thankful for the LAW

A quick thanks to the lawyers who stepped up after the Executive Order Travel Ban.

In the wake of the Trump ordered ban on immigration and refugees from certain countries, lawyers and judges swooped in to uphold the laws of this nation and defend people targeted by this action. Lawyers sure do get a bad rap, and many for good reason, but this proves there are still thoughtful, caring, and competent people who do that job. Whether they are individuals who take on some pro bono cases or work as part of a team in an organization such as the ACLU, we need them now, maybe more than ever. Our Constitution will need defending from this administration!

As this article from Slate points out: for America, the courts are still independent, and largely allergic to “alternative facts.”. Thank goodness for that!


Samantha Bee is My Spirit Animal!

Why Samantha Bee is one of the best things on television these days.

If you are not watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, you are missing one of the greatest things on television these days! Her political commentary and wit, coupled with her fast talking take-downs are a thing to behold. She has definitely done a superior job recruiting writers to fuel her monologues.

It seems every time I watch I’m laughing hysterically, while also feeling called to action. At times (as was the case with this clip of the #ICan’tKeepQuiet Choir, starting around minute 4) I end up in tears. I have yet to watch one of her shows and think “It wasn’t that good” or not agree with pretty much every stance she takes. Several times now I’ve exclaimed to my husband that “Sam Bee is my spirit animal!” or “my soul mate!”. I feel like she is a more realized, better version of my inner self. She is the person I wish I were 🙂

I have no financial or personal stake in whether or not anyone takes my advice and watches her show. But I do believe you’re missing out on comedy gold and some great information. If you want to check her out, the show is on Wednesday’s at 10pm on TBS. But you can get most of the clips from her show online as well.

I’ll leave you with this description of the inauguration, from her show on 1/25/17:

We are “swearing in the concept of white male mediocrity”

Tears for Obama – Fears for America

An emotional reaction to a look back at the Obama administrations accomplishments and a look forward to what’s ahead.

Tonight (1/19/17) on The Rachel Maddow Show, her list of Obama’s achievements and our directive to play defense now was heart wrenching. It should have been an uplifting feel-good-moment because a lot has been accomplished. But it wasn’t. It feels shitty to know that the crap treatment of Obama has continued for so long and will continue despite all the freakin’ great shit he’s done for our country. They (opponents) just cannot bring themselves to give him any goddamn credit! And all the cretins around the internet who are basically just grunting and spitting like cavemen are somehow getting exactly what they (think) they want. We’re arguably going from one of the most accomplished, America-serving presidents of all time to what will likely be one of the most self-serving, dangerous, and greatest failures of all time. I am NOT saying Obama was perfect, or delivered on every promise, or didn’t make mistakes. But I believe the contrast between he and Trump are already innumerable and will only become more glaring as time goes on.

This look back on the Obama administrations successes and the knowledge that we’ll be fighting tooth and nail to hang on to them was very emotional for me. I’ve found myself crying a lot lately and this was definitely no exception. I have great reverence and respect for the Obama’s and the job they’ve done as our first family. They served as a shining example of grace under fire, how to handle even the most vitriolic opposition and threats, and how to hold onto those ideals and people most dear to you. Obama took office in a time of great struggle and strife, when we were perched on the precipice of total economic disaster, already in a recession worse than anything since the great depression. But he came in with an uplifting message of hope, and despite some setbacks and mishaps and unparalleled obstructionism, lifted our country out of financial ruin, put Americans back to work, & fought and won battles for social justice.

I’m proud to have voted for President Obama twice and am ashamed of my fellow Americans who cast their vote this time for Trump. I believe history will agree with me in my assessment of the contrast between the two. I believe this upcoming presidency will turn out to be a complete and total disaster in the eyes of the world and historians. My tears are for the loss of the high standards we once placed on those occupying the White House and the future which is so uncertain. I will miss you president Obama, first lady Michelle, and the little girls we watched grow up, Sasha and Malia. To you I say:

“Goodnight and good luck.” – Edward R. Murrow

A New Year’s Resolution on Civics

A look at my transformation from political avoidance, fear, and apathy to passion, knowledge, and action.

I haven’t even tried to make a new years resolution in ages. What’s the point really? You can resolve at any point in time to do things, why does the 1st of the year make it any different? It doesn’t, but people like to look at it as a time of new beginnings therefore a good time to make resolutions.

Well this year I am making a resolution. I resolve to be a more active and informed citizen. I’ve voted throughout most of my adult life, but have not gotten involved past reading or watching news, and making commentary on social media. Continue reading “A New Year’s Resolution on Civics”