February 2016


  • I donated a subscription of Teen Vogue (which has been putting out some really good Hand Drawn Donation on Office Chalkboard.reporting lately about social and political issues) to my local high school. It only cost $15 for 3 years and the librarian I spoke to literally said I made her day. That really made me feel good 🙂
  • I became a sustaining member of OPB (our local NPR station). For as mush or as little as you can afford you can donate a one-time gift or a reoccurring monthly amount. Supporting public broadcasting and unbiased reporting is now more important than ever.
  • I called my 2 senators and my rep to voice my opposition to House Res 41.


  • Subscribed to the digital edition of The Washington Post (Amazon Prime members are being offered 6 months free and a discounted rate after that!)
  • Called around to a few House Committees trying to find out about HR 861 which is a bill introduced to Terminate the EPA. There are no current hearings set in the committees I talked to (Science Space, & Tech/ Energy & Commerce) but my representative sits on one of those committees so I called her office. She has already made a statement in opposition to the bill but I logged my opposition with her as well. It’s unknown if it will ever get a hearing or will die in committee.




  • Sent the previously mentioned postcards to Mitch McConnell, Elizabeth Warren, and Trump
  • Emailed to various congressional committees as well as DOJ to insist on a full bipartisan investigation into possible Trump-Russia ties
  • Called my senators to strongly oppose Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary
  • Emailed the DCCC to encourage them to step up their game on trying to win House seats (there’s already one opening up!)
  • Donated to Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign for the Georgia seat opening up
  • Filled out a form on the Democratic National Committee website. They were asking how we think the party should be run in the future.
  • Attended my first meeting of a local group called Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDXcropped-america-sign-for-fb.jpg and purchased a yard sign, poster, and sticker of their great “In our America” flag.
  • Printed off the application to apply to be a Precinct Committee Person for the democratic party in my county. Meeting coming up where I’ll submit it (super nervous about this!)
  • Signed on for the ACLU of OR Lobby Day in Salem coming up in March.


  • Looked up who my County Commissioners are (we can’t participate in “city council” because we’re in an unincorporated area) and my state legislative representatives. Put there names and contact info on my list of government officials.
  • Signed up for a newsletter from my CPO (Community Participation Organization) which is involved w/ county governance. Plan on trying to attend their monthly meetings when possible. Thinking on trying to get on a committee.
  • Acted on H.R. 610 (which is a bill in the US House that would basically eliminate most of the Dept of Ed.’s power and authority). I sent emails to the committeephone-lady-retro-image-graphics-fairy1 it’s in and my reps office because she is on the committee. I also called her local office and spoke to a staffer about it.
  • Called my senators about H.J. 66 which is a bill relating to retirement savings which would directly affect a law already established in my state.
  • Attended my first Democratic Party County Central Committee meeting.
  • Volunteered for and became a provisional Precinct Committee Person at that meeting. Will be attending training for that in April and am planning to join the Communications Committee.
  • Set up a reoccurring small monthly donation to the Blue Horizon Fund of my County Democratic Party, which helps them pay for and maintain their office.
  • *not a political action, but action nonetheless* Made accounts for myself and my daughter through the local Food Bank so we can volunteer with them. Will be signing up soon for shifts (thinking of maybe once a month). I’m also still looking for other charitable organizations that I can volunteer for WITH my 10 year old daughter.Title