I’m a mom, wife, and homemaker. We were a military family for 10 years but are now settled down in a large suburb of Portland, OR. I’m originally from the Capital District area of NY, but I consider myself a true northwesterner now! I love the vibe of this area, the food scene, the sense of social justice, and the weather (at least as it compares to the northeast!). I’m a bit of a homebody these days and enjoy cooking, crafting, reading, and good TV.

Although I like to write and speak my mind, I don’t have the tech savvy I thought I’d need to have a blog. So buckle up folks, we might be in for a bumpy ride! I’ll be learning as I go. As for the revolutionary part, I suppose it’s an exaggeration that I’ve taken creative liberty with. It boils down to feeling an urgent need to help affect change in our government, politics, and society. I hope this blog will help me process my own views and emotions, synthesize the news I consume into something that makes sense to me, and hopefully will reach others who may find something of value in it.