Not Enough Time….

Why I haven’t been writing and what I’ve been up to.

It seems like there is just never enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to….and do them well. So I admit, I’ve let this blog fall to the wayside. I never expected much out of it beyond personal relief at being able to express myself with the written word, but I’m still disappointed that I haven’t kept it up. I’m not going to make any promises or set some ambitious goal for posting, but I will try to use this venue more often if I can.

Last you heard from me I was contemplating a big change: College. Since then (a little over a month ago) I made my decision final and started pursuing it. I looked into local colleges and universities and explored some interesting application options. Ultimately I decided on what’s called co-admittance between the area community college and Portland State University. It will give me the flexibility to attend classes at either school or both at the same time. It’s also only one application process and financial aid is disbursed between schools. Another great benefit is being able to use services, such as the library and advising, at both schools.

Education - Billboard on the Sunrise Background.

In this last month I was able to see an admissions adviser, make a decision, complete the application process, submit my financial aid paperwork, get accepted (yay!), set up my online student accounts, see academic advisers at both schools, take an at-home math placement exam and start working on a module to improve my placement, do an online orientation for one of the schools, and decide on a major and minor. Whew…it’s been a busy month 🙂

I know majors can change and I’m ok with that being a possibility. But I also feel like I’m old enough that I should at least start with a plan. So I’m majoring in Political Science with a Public Service focus and minoring in Sociology. Both of those topics interest me and I think they play well together. I don’t know exactly what might come out of this as far as jobs go, but I’m hoping it’ll fill what feels like a crater-sized educational hole in my life.

I’m currently terrified, excited, and am jumping out of my skin to get started. I won’t be able to actually attend classes until June and the schedule for summer session doesn’t even get released for another two weeks. I think I’ll use this time to work on my math placement and get my life and space more organized so I’m ready to go when the time comes. This is going to be an interesting adventure. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it! But I know that sticking it out will be a great source of pride and happiness in my life.

happiness path (2)


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Author: Amanda

Homemaker, mom, former military spouse. Native north-easterner, chosen north-westerner. Crafter, cooker, reader, worrier.

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