Am I Psychic or Do I Just Have “Common Sense”?

A note I wrote on the eve of the election.

Just kidding! Since there is no such thing (or so my husband tells me), I guess I just have what’s known as “common sense” and the “ability to think and reason”.  I’m not going to write directly about any current news stories in this post. There are so many, and so many people writing about them, I’m not sure I have anything unique to say at the moment. But I did want to post something. This is a FB post I wrote on November 7th, right before election day. I thought I’d share it here for a trip down memory lane. Back when there was still a possibility of saving this country. But, I think I was pretty prophetic in my predictions of what a Trump presidency would bring. Like I said though, it was really just common sense and I certainly was not the only one thinking it.

So, one more day till election day. I wrote one last long plea for people to do the right thing. I wrote it more for myself perhaps than for any other reason though. I just want my last thoughts about this election to be out there in the ether, on record for as long as fb or the internet are a thing. So feel free to read or not, but I’ve said my peace (my DH has pointed out that I used the wrong spelling here and that it should be “piece” but I’ve decided to keep it the way it is because I like it better. So, suck it Trebek! Haha, love you babe!).

I’m going to start with why I voted for Hillary, based on her own merits. Since so often people like to say, tell me who you’re voting for and why without talking about the other candidate, I figured I’d start with that. Hillary Clinton isn’t a figure I ever particularly cared for or even really had any opinion about. It’s not that I didn’t like her, I guess I just felt sort of neutral about her. There may have even been some distrust because even the best of us can be lured into believing, however loosely, that she’s somehow crooked. If you only pay attention to sound bites, headlines, or news crawlers and don’t dig any further, it’s easy to fall into that trap. But an interesting thing has happened to me over the course of this nasty election season. Ironically, perhaps, I’ve actually come to like and respect her more as time has gone on. I started paying closer attention, digging just a tiny bit further than those headlines lead us to believe. Sometimes, it literally only takes reading past a headline into the actual article to have a different view of the story. This deeper inquisitiveness itself changed my opinions of her. Then I started to learn a bit more about her history, the positions she’s held and work she’s done and that also further increased my positive view of her. She’s always fought for women and children, minorities, people with disabilities, and hasn’t wavered in those causes. She’s highly educated, has worked as a lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund, and has held several public offices. She’s generally regarded as competent, dedicated, and is viewed in a positive light by many people on both sides of the aisle whom she’s worked with (of course there are exceptions). She’s highly qualified for this position based on quantifiable criteria.

But one of the biggest changes is in my respect for her as a person and as a woman. Really, what man or woman would be able to weather all the witch-hunting republicans have directed at her for decades and still not only come out clean but be able to keep going, staying strong and dedicated, staying on message, and holding her head up high? Who would be able to keep going with so much grace, poise, and self-respect through all the personal attacks, threats, bullying, & defamation that have been hurled at her throughout this campaign from Trump, his supporters, right-wing media, and republicans? Who would keep working through a bout of pneumonia until they literally collapsed, despite knowing it would probably just be thrown back in her face as a weakness? Who could so easily stay calm and on message despite being basically stalked and robbed by Russia and wiki leaks, and be the target of FBI partisan interference in our election? My honest answer to all that is, not many people. And certainly not Trump. His tactics of name-calling, lying, incitement of fear and hate, and blaming others would not get him through with an ounce of respectability or honor. He has no decorum to speak of and as he is threatened it only gets worse. His childishness only becomes more pronounced. It’s in stark contrast to what we see from Clinton when she’s attacked.

Ok, now on to Trump a bit more. Does anyone, even his own supporters, really think trump will be sitting up at night in the white house reading pages and pages of security briefings, reports about military actions and possible terrorism, bills about economic policies, and all the other reading he’ll need to do? And then actually synthesize all the information intelligently, consult advisors when necessary, and make actual informed, sensible decisions about what to do regarding what he’s read or been briefed about? Remember this is a man who admittedly hasn’t really read a book in like 20 years and has no previous political or governmental experience. He also claims to be very “smart” and has “the best words” yet “best” and “smart” are literally the best words he can come up with. If you can HONESTLY answer “yes, I totally have faith that he will do that” you are either A) living in an alternate reality the rest of us are not privy to B) you are actually schizophrenic (you really should see someone about that) C) you’ve actually been brainwashed or D) you have the IQ of a goldfish. No thinking, intelligent, honest person could believe that.

The only experience trump has in this world is as a spoiled, bratty, bully. The only “business sense” he has revolves around how best to keep himself rich while exploiting the little guys. And that includes his workers, small businesses he has dealings with, and consumers who pay for his snake oil. This is the accurate description of the man many want to put in charge of an extremely well equipped, well trained, large and loyal military force? A man who will “have his finger on the button” and who could decide at any moment to basically end life as we know it. A man who may end up in a position to nominate up to 4 supreme court justices. They want to put him in a position of needing to be dedicated wholeheartedly to his position as president, work hard night and day to keep us safe, secure, and stable, and represent us as Americans to the rest of the world. Think about that for a minute. Is trump a person you can see doing all that well & with the best intentions in mind? HONESTLY?

If you want to promote Hillary as a crooked liar, then please produce some actual legally obtained and verified evidence of such. An indictment or guilty verdict? Actual evidence that we can verify as “REAL”, which to me doesn’t include STOLEN emails that can not all be actually deemed legitimate or not doctored or fabricated? Actual guilt or corruption is not based on how many investigations are hurled at you by your political rivals or how many “scandals” people make up about you. It’s based on facts and evidence. You may believe Hillary to be a liar or crooked or a criminal, but there is no actual evidence to support that theory.

But you know who we can prove to be a liar, cheat, and quite possibly a criminal? Donald Trump. He’s on record, through video, audio, & tweets, saying things that are outright lies. And we know that because we also have the video, audio, or tweets that prove he said those things. If you ever hear Trump respond to a question about something he’s said with “I never said that” more likely than not you will easily be able to find the evidence that he did indeed say such a thing. We also have him on audio, which he admits to being him, bragging about sexually assaulting women, which happens to ACTUALLY be a crime. He has been part of thousands of law suits, many of which he has lost, but more than anything it shows his pattern of exploiting the legal system and using it as a business tactic. He is the only major candidate since 1980 not to release his tax returns and we can only speculate about all the possible hidden gems we’d find in there. He’s actually admitted to using the system to avoid paying taxes and that sounds very unpatriotic to me. Sure, we all hate paying taxes, and the amount we pay and what it’s used for is one of the biggest areas of discourse between the parties, but all of us that are above a certain income level pay what we should, our “fair share” so to speak. Even if legally he was able to avoid income taxes for several years, does it seem like the sort of thing a (supposed) billionaire & presidential nominee should brag about? Hey all you shmucks making $30,000 or $100,000 a year, pay up! Contribute! Pay your share! But billionaire Trump, it’s ok, you don’t owe anything. And he then uses it as a source of pride. Instead of simply stating, I pay what I’m legally required to, if the system changes I will pay what I should then as well. He says, hey look at me, I’m super rich and am not personally contributing to the well being of the country through income taxes. Which perhaps wouldn’t be as bad if he could produce any evidence that he does somehow contribute to society in a meaningful way. But he can’t. All he can produce is evidence of using and backing up our legal system (which lets not forget is something paid for by one or another form of taxes), screwing over the little guys, and virtually no proof of meaningful charitable giving.

Aligning himself with Russia in any way, inciting not only distrust but perhaps actual violence toward journalists, questioning before anything even happens the integrity of our election process, vowing to imprison his political rival if elected, using minority groups as scapegoats for all manner of perceived national threats – physical, economic, and moral, hiding his own financial dealings, and portraying himself as some kind of savior to his followers, the ONLY person who can help them, sounds an awful lot like some other political leaders from history. But it’s not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, FDR, or Mandela that it sounds like. It sounds eerily similar to Adolf Hitler of Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. You remember, those guys we were fighting during WWII? Yeah, the bad guys.

Come on, this has to be obvious right? Is that the man you want in power of our very delicate, democratic system?? I think not! Think or believe what you want about Hillary, she’s not a fascist and is not out to bring down our democracy. But if we take Trump at his word, he basically is implying that’s what he’ll do. So if you don’t really value our rights to free speech, press and assembly, don’t care about the cornerstones of what America is founded upon, don’t mind giving up our ability to elect whomever we see fit, aren’t proud to be an American because of our diversity, want all the wealth to stay in the top 1%, don’t care about having laws and regulations that protect us as consumers & workers, don’t care at all about preserving the environment for future generations, don’t mind losing national allies that we’ve had in place for decades, and just generally don’t mind most of the population living in constant fear about what they say, opinions they express, or actions guaranteed under our constitution, then go ahead and vote Trump. But, if you care at all about any of that you can’t in good conscience vote for him.

After all those comparisons I’ve made (not to mention plenty of others) who sounds like a better candidate? If you didn’t know anything about any candidate, including party affiliation, name, gender, etc. but someone presented you with all my arguments, who sounds more qualified, more patriotic, and more likely to work for America, not against it? If it’s not Clinton than I really just don’t know what else to say. So many of us want to preserve our democracy, build on our diversity, & grow as a country not regress. I hope some disillusioned voters don’t ruin that for all the rest of us.

One last note about the election. I’m not only advocating a vote for Clinton, I’m advocating a democratic vote for all the positions open. Haven’t we seen what a republican House and Senate can do? We haven’t? Oh that’s right, because they don’t DO anything. They obstruct and try to repeal but they don’t do the actual jobs they’re paid to do. We’ve had a supreme court justice position open for 10 months without so much as a hearing. The least they could do would be to put on a show for us, give us some hope that they may decide to be upstanding employees. But, no, we can’t even get that. President Obama has come up against the worst obstructionism possibly in our history as a nation and Clinton will face the same challenge (perhaps even worse) if she is elected w/ a republican majority in the house and senate. If we want to send a message to legislators that we want change, we want progress, we want them to do their damn jobs, then we have to vote the slackers out! If she has at least a democratic majority in the senate she’ll have a chance at actually getting something done, moving us forward. So vote, vote blue, and lets get this party started!

*I’m not going through all the work of inserting links to verify info I’m providing. Everything is accurate as far as I know but if you don’t believe it, look it up yourself. I’ve spend enough time over the last year backing up claims and spent all day trying to integrate knowledge I have w/ opinions I hold and make it all coherent. If you don’t believe me but can’t verify it on your own, then tough shit I guess.*

Author: Amanda

Homemaker, mom, former military spouse. Native north-easterner, chosen north-westerner. Crafter, cooker, reader, worrier.

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