Tears for Obama – Fears for America

An emotional reaction to a look back at the Obama administrations accomplishments and a look forward to what’s ahead.

Tonight (1/19/17) on The Rachel Maddow Show, her list of Obama’s achievements and our directive to play defense now was heart wrenching. It should have been an uplifting feel-good-moment because a lot has been accomplished. But it wasn’t. It feels shitty to know that the crap treatment of Obama has continued for so long and will continue despite all the freakin’ great shit he’s done for our country. They (opponents) just cannot bring themselves to give him any goddamn credit! And all the cretins around the internet who are basically just grunting and spitting like cavemen are somehow getting exactly what they (think) they want. We’re arguably going from one of the most accomplished, America-serving presidents of all time to what will likely be one of the most self-serving, dangerous, and greatest failures of all time. I am NOT saying Obama was perfect, or delivered on every promise, or didn’t make mistakes. But I believe the contrast between he and Trump are already innumerable and will only become more glaring as time goes on.

This look back on the Obama administrations successes and the knowledge that we’ll be fighting tooth and nail to hang on to them was very emotional for me. I’ve found myself crying a lot lately and this was definitely no exception. I have great reverence and respect for the Obama’s and the job they’ve done as our first family. They served as a shining example of grace under fire, how to handle even the most vitriolic opposition and threats, and how to hold onto those ideals and people most dear to you. Obama took office in a time of great struggle and strife, when we were perched on the precipice of total economic disaster, already in a recession worse than anything since the great depression. But he came in with an uplifting message of hope, and despite some setbacks and mishaps and unparalleled obstructionism, lifted our country out of financial ruin, put Americans back to work, & fought and won battles for social justice.

I’m proud to have voted for President Obama twice and am ashamed of my fellow Americans who cast their vote this time for Trump. I believe history will agree with me in my assessment of the contrast between the two. I believe this upcoming presidency will turn out to be a complete and total disaster in the eyes of the world and historians. My tears are for the loss of the high standards we once placed on those occupying the White House and the future which is so uncertain. I will miss you president Obama, first lady Michelle, and the little girls we watched grow up, Sasha and Malia. To you I say:

“Goodnight and good luck.” – Edward R. Murrow

Author: Amanda

Homemaker, mom, former military spouse. Native north-easterner, chosen north-westerner. Crafter, cooker, reader, worrier.

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